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James Pax, is a Acclaimed actor/ Action Choreographer/ Feature film diretor/ Screenwriter/ producer/ International Model.

With British Father and Chinese mother, James was educated in New York University with a degree in business and later studied film production/directing in University of Southern California. He lived and worked around the globe in cities like Rome, Tokyo, Hollywood, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Beijing, Guangzhou China.

His vast talent as a young singer took him to South America during his teensto perform on TV as being the first Asian singer making it South America. Hisother interests such as ballet training with Jeoffrey Ballet and his adamanttraining as a professional Kung Fu artists has give him the foundation to be a fine actor that can take up almost any parts from Shakespeare to Sam Sheppard's plays to Jacky Chan movies. In his early 20's he started working as a model and actor in US and Europe for top fashion designer like Armani, making him the first Eurasian model to appear on Milan runway in the early1990 and did cigarette commercials for West and Philip Morris Cigarette inmid 90‘s for European market.

Upon his graduation from New York University with a degree in international business, he worked one year on wall street as a stock analyst and then decided tocontinue his acting career in New York on off Broadway stage plays and soon aftermoved on to Hollywood to do early Hollywood produced Chinese action movie like Big Trouble in Little China with Kurt Russell, Year of Dragon with John Lone. Through his years of working in Hollywood, he quests star in numerous TV seriesand did TV movies with James Wood in In love and War and feature movies with Charles Bronson in Kinjite, Donald Sutherland in Bethune, and as a series regular ona hot TV series called Nasty boys in 1990, In the early 1992, he decides to venturing back to Asia and started acting in Hong Kong, and Japan movie industry. When he passed his thirties he becomes the first Chinese model to be used for Cigarette Campaign in Europe for Philip Morris, and West cigarette.

One of his great achievements in China in 2005 is that he starred in the series called I want to really fall in love. The Chinese version of 'Sex and the City', which also became one of the most talked about series in China because of the daring content about woman chasing after men and the in depth discussion about women's needs formen between the four modern Chinese women. A break through from the usual government propaganda related subjects that most series dwelled on.

In 2005 James starred and produced a compelling tale of 'the First Emperor of China'', Emperor Chin Shi Huang, who build the Great Wall and also the terra-cotta warriors. The show was aired on Jan 29th on Discovery USA and gained high ratings. Critiques from Hollywood reporter to New York Times praised Pax for his dramatic portrayal ofthe emperor. The First emperor of China is aired also on Feb 25th on Channel 4 UK and had gotten 15% of rating. Pax again received high praises from the British pressfor his portrayal of emperor Chin as King Lear - a Shakespearean tragic character.

James Has published a book in China called A bowl of fish which is a poignantstory about a 20 year old young actress who become an instant star and lost it all in amatter of 16 months. A slice of life in the modern china that reflects the reality of the ever-growing capitalist society in big cities like Shanghai.

Past Achievement

In 2011 James produced Summer shows for Pacific Place mall in Indonesia with two fantastic aerialists from France & America. In the Same year, James promoted Tornado Victor Liu on Trans 7 TV and MNC TV in 5 different TV variety shows. Then on Oct. 10th, James produced a 10 minutes segment on Anniversary show at Kamayoran and gained 30 % rating. James is known for his daring creative idea and detailed focus on production value.

In 2012 Nov. 3rd, James launched the Kung Fu action show. The Immortals Xsion Kombat on Indonesian MNC TV Anniversary special Ama 21ing Action and begin his tour in JKT and Surabaya theaters. Stars such Marcell, the pop singer works side by side with Ali Arami, Malaysian Wu Shiu action star to perform the mostmoving love song with Marcell singing and Ali doing Tai chimovement. A performance that will the be the highlight of the entire show.

2023 is going to be breakout year for James to make a comeback to Hollywood with his own IP called Shaolin Warrior. He will be directing Chapter "Kung Fu Me in Zombie Land" Shaolin Warrior, with acclaimed Hollywood and Asian stars from China and Hong Kong. The movie hope to capture the Zombie monster die had fans and fans of Kung Fu/ Matial Art movies such as Enter the Dragon by Bruce Lee, Shaolin Temple by Jet Lee, Ip Man by Donnie Yen, Big Trouble in Little China by John Carpenter, Mortal Kombat, Shang Chi (the Ten Rings), Everything Everyware   All At Once, 80's classic like Shaolin va Lama, and the Shaw Brothers Hong Kong Style Kung Fu movies.

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